Zoweh Holdings , an international consulting and coaching firm, is a USA based enterprise that specializes in facilitating business to business collaborations; developing relationships (local strategic partners); identifying international technical partners; and bringing awareness of unique business opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa to US based business.

We organize road shows, conferences and trade shows.

Through our creative, strategic, and business development services, we facilitate a winning process to move those business opportunities forward and ultimately create value.

Zoweh Holdings LLC recognizes that every great transformation is the result of a collective vision fueled by dynamic leadership. We are committed to excellence in service and dedicated to creating solutions that respond to the growing crisis on the continent of Africa.

We are particularly focused on:

Economic Development

Human Development

Cultural Preservation

With all the new possibilities open to us in this global society, we know that first and foremost, it is the people that matter. Zoweh Holdings is committed to building relationships that empower change.

Since 2004, Zoweh Holdings’ focus has been partnerships and programs for sustainable leadership development, entrepreneurship and business exchange in Nigeria.

Our market segments include:

Sustainable Renewable Energy
Mass Housing Development
Oil and Gas
Food Safety


To capitalize on our strategic relationships, partnerships and programs developed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa by providing technology, professional expertise and business best practices for sustainable economic development solutions to African nations.


To provide guidance to international entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to develop and implement new innovative ideas while successfully solving specific problems and responding to credible opportunities.

Our fundamental purpose is to be a viable resource for international entrepreneurship development, business to business exchange, and organizational development between SubSaharan Africa and the United States of America.


Our core values are to provide quality services, with added value to our clients, and to support the triple bottom line: “People, planet and profit.”

Our passion is being a catalyst for civic dialogue which promotes social justice, women empowerment and sustainable economic development.


Our corporate philosophy is based on our commitment to excellence in service, and creating an environment for shared vision and mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances. We firmly believe that wise and prudent leadership is essential to any success model.

We stand on our commitment to build relationships that empower change.


Custom-tailored innovative solutions for companies, and organizations who wish to conduct business, develop projects and programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Solution marketing for private and public entities in Africa that desire to develop business and investment relationships in the United States.
Strategic business development for entrepreneurs – helping transform strategic vision into operational work plans, thereby allowing the entrepreneur to deliver enterprise success.


Strategic Planning

Business and Organizational Development

Trade Missions

  • Cross Cultural Consulting
  • Solution Marketing

Executive Coaching

Pre-Project Development

  • Facilitating business to business collaborations
  • Strategy development
  • Partner selection (local content)
  • Identifying international technical partners


Organized trade and investment missions for representatives of South African and Nigerian organizations to USA.
Developed and implemented the strategy for US based companies to successfully start their Nigerian based business operations and secured contracts with the Federal Government of Nigeria.
Provided facilitation services for pre-project development for solar energy, mass housing and oil & gas projects in which clients received the project award from the government entity.
Led process to develop strategy for a non-profit organization to participate in civic dialogues on national and global platforms.
Engaged as an international consultant and resource on the launch team for the development of a Federal University – Nigeria.
Engaged as a consultant to organize and develop an international fundraiser programs for non-profits organizations for educational scholarships.
Engaged as Executive Business Coach for US and Nigerian based executives


Zoweh Holdings key focus is Nigeria where partnerships and programs for sustainable leadership development, entrepreneurship and business exchange have been developing since 2004. This has been made possible through our very successful unique partnerships and alliances. Each company within, has its specialist team which is current with the latest technology, expertise and experience that provides the best possible solution within these industries.

Within Zoweh Holdings’ alliances, are the following closely knitted business relationships:

  • Solid Royal Global Company (Oil and Gas)

    • Solid Royal Global Company Limited (SRGC Limited) is a privately owned Oil and Gas (Petroleum) and Maritime Development, Exploration, Engineering, Marketing and Consulting Company.
    • SRGC Limited is a consortium and a world class corporate organization with the objectives to meet specially the various professional, administrative, logistics, products, services, engineering and technical needs of the Oil, Gas and Maritime Industries.
    • Comprehensive, competitive services that meet approved international standards
    • Seasoned expertise in Energy and Power Provision to both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas Industries.


  • Scientific Production Ventures, LLC (Renewable Energy)

    • Scientific Production Ventures, LLC (SPV) is a team of highly qualified, passionate individuals from the fields of science, technology, engineering, operations, communications, finance and entrepreneurship focused on reinventing the way natural resources, in all their manifestations, are conscientiously thought about, talked about, developed and used.
    • A USA based corporation founded in 2000, SPV has provided consulting services to businesses or owned and managed businesses in Solar, Fiber Optics, UV Water Purification, Green Cleaning Products, Floor and Concrete Sealants, Medical Applications, Food Safety, Wireless Batteries, Hydroponics and Blended Capital.
    • Dr. Isaac B. Horton III, its founder, has more than 140 Patents
  • Samas Integrated Ventures Limited (Urban Planning)

    • Samas Integrated Ventures Limited is a corporation legally registered, organized and existing under the laws of Nigeria with offices Kano, Nigeria.
    • Samas Integrated expertise is in Housing Development, Construction and Project Consultancy. Currently, they have projects being developed in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger Republic, Benin Republic and Togo Republic.
    • They are promoting projects in Mass Housing, Commercial and Public buildings, and infrastructures
  • Gourmet To Your Doorstep (Food Safety) 

    • Gourmet To Your Doorstep has operated successfully in the United States since 2003, serving the Greater New Jersey and New York markets. Gourmet 2 Your Doorstep Services Ltd (G2YDS) also operates in Nigeria with its Nigerian based headquarters located in the greater metropolitan city of Lagos. Recently, G2YDS signed an MOU with the Federal Ministry of Health.
    • G2YD intends to establish a new industry paradigm through its International (Global) Professional Certificate Training Course on Food Safety and Sanitation as Samuel Johnson, owner, is a registered Safe Serve Instructor and Examination Proctor of The National Restaurant Association of America Safe Serve Certification Program.


Gourmet to Your Doorstep, Inc (USA/Nigeria)

Africa USA International Chamber of Commerce (California, USA)

Global Business Roundtable – (South Africa)

Naija Worldwide Charities, Inc. (USA)


Thelma is a global strategist and international business consultant, personal development coach, and the founder and CEO of Zoweh Holdings LLC.

Thelma is a gifted, dedicated and innovative, creative visionary woman of transformation with over 30 years of progressive business development experience, crosscultural relations management, and diplomatic protocol.

She is a high-energy, results-oriented leader with proven ability to manage multiple projects.

Recognized as a leader by her peers, Thelma serves as a director in US based and Nigerian based corporations as well as leadership roles in non-profits and nongovernmental organizations.

She is a graduate of North Carolina State University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting, and is a graduate of the PhD Leadership and Coaching Curriculum of The Legacy Center in Morrisville, NC.

She has successfully completed the Management Training Institute through UDI Community Development Corporation and the School of Business atNorth Carolina Central University.

Thelma’s diverse and wide range of professional and life experiences has made her well equipped to overcome obstacles and help coach others to do thesame

She is committed and …..Always in pursuit of positive change.

Professional Highlights:

  • 2017-19 United Nations –Commission for the Status of Women/Naija Worldwide Charities Consultancy Status/Main Representative
  • 2017-18 NAPAC FOUNDATION Chairman (Elect) NAPAC
  • 2016-17 Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee Vice President (Elect) NAPAC USA
  • 2016 World Bank IMF Spring Meeting (Washington, DC/USA) Presenter/Panelist Civic Society Forum
  • 2015 Co-Author of “20 Beautiful Women: African Edition Best Seller Amazon.com
  • 2015 Global Business Roundtable – US-Africa Trade and Investment Forum Head GBR USA Launch Committee South African Trade & Investment Mission
  • 2015 Global Business Roundtable World Congress – International Trade & Investment Summit International Affairs – Strategic Consultant (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • 2014 AGOA Forum – Civil Society Organization Planning Committee
  • 2014 Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC) Director Strategic Planning & Membership/Board Appointment
  • 2013 African Champions Program– High Level Meeting during United Nations Heads of State Meeting Planning Committee via OCHA
  • 2012 World Bank IMF Annual Board Meeting Tokyo, Japan Presenter/ Global Town Hall Meeting
  • 2011 Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa, Nigeria Facilitator/Academic Brief – Abuja, Nigeria
  • 2010 Solarover, Inc Director
  • 2009 Nigerian Women International Leadership Council Speaker National Convention/Advisory Board Appointment
  • 2008 Nigerian Diaspora Electoral Reform Group Executive Director Appointment/Trustee


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